Biological Wheel of Totality

Map of Biology of Life

Comparing the biological wheel to the Wheel of Totality may seem like a metaphor, maybe it is a metaphor, but it also divulges truth, giving support and guidance to our innermost search. The Biological Wheel is an equivalency to the awareness found in the wheel of totality. This is the simple wisdom it offers and is at the forefront of why I am sharing it with you. Where the awarenesses are steeped in mystery and misunderstandings, the biological components have a freedom and simplicity. They just do what they do. But what they do is also mirrored in the awareness and offers a wonderful opening to us.

I find the whole story intriguing: to read how step by step our planet's biology was formed. I find parallels between events so far in our past and our modern daily busy lives and that has incredible value for us today. Life on Earth could have begun by a fortuitous combination of events that were random but yet with predictable results. Life depends and is affected by our environment, climate, atmosphere, the natural conditions we find our self living in and it can be illuminating to watch our interaction with them. I think this information can be helpful when we consider how affected we are as humans by other's actions, near and far. Life goes with the flow. It adapts. It evolves. Eventually life itself became enough of a consequence to able to interact and affect these same forces.